Friday, August 15, 2014

30 years. . .

Hard to believe it's been thirty years since I married this handsome guy.  We've experienced happiness and heartache through years of school, babies coming and going, a few marathons, weddings, funerals, and he has been my rock through it all.

It was difficult to imagine, when I snapped this picture of Elder Hansen and our mission president, Alfredo Meijome, all those years ago, that I'd actually become Mrs. Elder Hansen.

My heart still flutters when he walks in the room.  I'm so grateful we are bound for eternity!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I miss our kids!

It's been almost two weeks since this last night in Rome.  I keep turning around throughout my days, thinking I see one or two of them, and I think of them all with very fond memories of our time together in Europe.

To our Study Abroad students, I'm afraid I miss you wonderful young people who have touched our lives forever.  I am certain you will go on to fulfill meaningful, service-filled lives.  Don't forget the memories we made!  Although there may be one or two things we'd all like to forget, we hope you will carry the lessons you learned this summer with you forever.  I know we will.

You have etched yourselves into our hearts.  We love you.  Keep in touch!