Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Gift of Brigham

It is rare for parents to discover half-way through a pregnancy that their baby has "a condition that will make life unsustainable after birth."  I remember hearing those same words when we discovered that one of our twins had a heart defect three weeks before they were born.  So my own heart ached with a little bit of understanding when I read this sweet family's story.  I am amazed at the number of cheerleaders they have!  'Team Briggs' is in full force.  What a beautiful gift of light Brigham has brought to the world.  A gift that continues to shine through the eyes and hearts of those who love him and will never forget this sweet little angel.

Here is Adam's account of his son:

Just over a year ago, my wife and I found out that our firstborn son Brigham would be joining our little family.  We had picked out his name a long time ago, and knew "Briggs" would play an important part in our lives.  

At our 20 week appointment, Briggs was diagnosed with Anencephaly, which meant his visit to earth was going to be a brief one.  The crown of his head hadn't fully sealed properly, which meant that he would continue to grow and develop in the womb, but his life would be unsustainable once he was born.  

While the news devastated both his mother and I, we decided to continue the pregnancy to give him the life he deserved.  We also tried our hardest to stay upbeat.  We spent the summer paying tribute to him, speaking of him often to others, and accepting him as any other child.  We planted trees in his honor, ran races, and even threw him a party the week of his birthday.

When the time came for him to be delivered, we knew it was unlikely he would survive the birth.  These babies often die in-utero, or even during the traumatic process of childbirth.  But despite the odds, Brigham was born alive, and lived for a glorious 35 minutes.  He was born fully sealed in the amniotic sac, which helped buffer the traumatic entry, and allowed us some precious time with our chunky, perfect child.

Our time together was brief, but it was long enough for him to look me in the eyes, and to grab a hold of my finger.  I told him that I loved him, and promised him that we would speak of him often, and that we would NEVER, ever, forget him.

It's been our honor to be proud parents to such a remarkable son, who has taught us and so many about Faith, Love, Courage and Eternal Families.  Brigham isn't with us now, but he is ever so very close.  We love and miss him dearly, but are lucky to have an angel on our side.  

Our hope is that those who hear of his name, remember that life is a gift, a gift worth giving! 

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