Sunday, March 26, 2017

Go Ahead and Tie the Knot!

Today I have two angels.  Lisa LeFleur gave us a piece of string this morning in Relief Society and encouraged us to tie a knot in it around our wrist as a reminder to do acts of service every day as we usher in the Easter season.  A lovely idea!

I'm afraid I wasn't wholly committed, however, as I tied my string around and around itself as I sat listening to the beautiful lesson.  My sweet friend and visiting teacher, Della, who was sitting next to me, noticed my string.  She reached over and said something like, "Here, let me help you with that!" and tied that string right into a knot!  We both began giggling as I realized she was helping me jump into this challenge with both feet!  Sometimes you just need someone to give you a little bit of a loving push.

Thank you, Lisa and Della, for helping me to get on the straight and narrow!  I vow to do kind acts of service every day!  Love you both!


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