Friday, March 31, 2017

My Golden Boy

Today, March 31st, is our son Nick's 31st birthday.  I think they call that "the golden birthday."  He has pretty much been a treasure from the day he was born.  Only 30 minutes of labor?  Who does that for his mom her first time around?  He has always been so loving and considerate.

 When he was young, he wanted to produce and direct a little play called "Phantom of the Opera" for the neighborhood, and he called his grandmother to ask her if she had any extra chandeliers laying around.   He has kept us entertained from early on.

I love watching Nick as a husband and father.  I love his adorable wife and children!

I love that he, like his father, loves to learn, and that he is not afraid to try new things, like getting an MBA from Duke.  He has always been teachable and tender.  I hope that continues for the next 31 years and beyond.  Oh, how I love this firstborn of ours!


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