Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Angel Amy

This picture reflects just how things were back then; little sister Amy about to get a kiss from older brother Nicholas, showing the special bond they continue to have.  Emily's mortal body is in the background, with Amy looking up toward the heavens, which she often did as a baby.  More so, in fact, than I noticed with any of my other children.  And me trying to smile--flooded with feelings of sadness, but happiness too, all at the same time.

Today's Angel is easy, but difficult to describe in a few short words what this girl means to me.  Amy and her twin sister Emily came into the world 28 years ago.  Emily stayed just one day, but has been Amy's Guardian Angel ever since.  During the intense feelings of pain and happiness that come with losing a twin baby, Amy has brought such joy.  She is amazingly thoughtful, keeps me laughing, and shows unconditional love.  I love her more with every passing season.  We are forever grateful that a loving Father kept our sort-of empty arms and our hearts filled with this wonderful girl.

A few days ago, after I had experienced a particularly rough few weeks, Amy brought me a "Sunshine Basket."  It was filled with all things yellow.  My favorite color!

What a sweetheart.  I immediately felt like I wanted to share some sunshine with somebody else.  So I did.  See what you started, Amy?

Amy continues to be my Sunshine.  She brings light to others, just as if she had a halo around her.  Oh how I love and adore this daughter of ours!


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