Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kindness from Kena

Yesterday a woman, whom I consider a friend, hurled uninvited insults my way.  She then wrote, do I think you're "Perfect?  Absolutely not!"  I would be the first to admit I'm not perfect.  I'm not sure why she felt like she needed to remind me.  But I'm choosing not to take offense.

Unkindness has permeated our society lately.  That's why my lovely friend, Kena Mathews, is such a breath of fresh air.  Here is a post from her FaceBook page today.  She shares kindness; not only through her social media, but in her relationships with the many people--from all walks of life--that she deals with everyday.  Kena is the Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity in Utah County.  She also is a key player in putting on our Running with Angels 5K.  My head spins when I see how many hats she wears, and she wears them well!  I have witnessed her treat the downtrodden with the kind respect they deserve.  She affects so many lives for good.  She builds.  Quite literally, she builds.  Kena oversees many homes that are built by Habitat for Humanity in Utah County.  But she also builds lives.  She improves living conditions for many people, including parents, often those parenting solo, and their children.  And she builds up women.  She understands the great need for women to build one another, instead of tearing down.  To you, Kena, my Angel #4, thank you for your kindness and devotion to the betterment of humanity.  I'm going to be more kind to people, including friends who may be difficult to love.


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