Monday, March 20, 2017

Julene Still Soothes the Soul

Today is Day 8 of my 101 Days of Angels project.  Already I have felt a range of emotions that I didn't anticipate.  Most of all, I have experienced an increase of appreciation for the divine.  Today the tears have come easily.  I'm trying to figure out why.  I have been reading stories of those who have experienced loss, who have picked up their lives and are moving on, and I am amazed at their resiliency.  Their stories tug at my heartstrings.  My own little angels, Emily and Eric, have taught me more about life and heaven than I ever could have learned on my own.  And I recognize just who is the Master Teacher.

I miss Hillary.  She has been serving her mission for three months, and I am so happy she is having this experience.  She says there are frogs everywhere in French Guiana.

I miss Emily.  I miss Eric.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss them, particularly at this time of year, when we celebrate their lives with angel food cake on their birthdays, and we gear up for the Running with Angels 5K, coming up on May 20th.  I love that event.  I love watching people who have never taken part in a 5K before cross that finish line.  I love seeing people run or walk on behalf of their angels in heaven.

I guess I have just been reflective and a bit emotional today, in continuing to think about the angels in my life.  It's a problem, because I know there are way more than 101.  But it has also encouraged me to focus on one per day.  It's been a wonderful exercise, choosing someone as a focal point each day.

Today I have thought especially about my friend Julene Judd.  I have been listening to her angelic voice singing to me through my iPod.  I wrote about her a few years ago on this blog, and listening to her inspires me to ponder about what really matters in life.  I have been listening to her music today.  So I guess I can blame her for the used tissues which are now overflowing the garbage can and are now all over the floor, and for invoking all of these emotions today.  And I am very grateful.  Grateful to experience these emotions, for the veil is especially thin.    Keep singing, Julene.

Julene serves with her husband at the Provo MTC.  She found Hillary one morning, and sent me this picture.  Both beauties, inside and out!


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  1. Dear Pam, you are a gifted writer. You gently share the soft and tender feelings of your heart. Your vulnerability is your strength. Thank you for your example. I love you so much. It takes an angel to know one.